Let's pick a date for the Midnight Sun Social

OOOOOOOOOOK ladies and gents, I'd say it's about time to settle on a date for the Midnight Sun Social.

In the past, many of you have lobbied to hold the event on a Friday night. Believe me, considering how my head has felt the days after the Midnight Sun Shindig and Soiree, I agree with you.

But throwing a social on a Friday night means most of the Midnight Sunners who work in the service industry won't be able to make it. And I'd really like to get as many of them out partying as possible.

That's part of what makes these events so fun -- average joes like and you get to mingle with royalty like Queen Colleen (also known as QC -- but not to be confused with QVC).

I'm looking at some Thursdays in September and October. Let me hit you with some dates: Sept. 10 or 17 or Oct. 8, 15 or 22?

What works best for ya? Talk to me. 

Oh, and I'm working on picking a venue -- either in Fells Point, Canton or Hampden. I figured we should mix it up a bit, seeing as how we've already done Federal Hill and Mount Vernon. Got any suggestions? ...

Also, I'm going to have Midnight Sun Commenter's Choice Awards made up especially for the Social. Speaking of which, it's high time I tallied the votes from the Baltimore County Best Neighborhood Bar contest. I probably should have done that last week. Oops.

I think the Social will be the last Midnight Sun event that starts with an "S." After that, I'm going to have to try out another letter. Unless, of course, we decide to call a future get-together the Midnight Sun Super Wicked Awesome Showdown or something crazy like that. 

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