I think I have Restaurant/Bar Stockholm Syndrome

I think I have Restaurant/Bar Stockholm Syndrome -- if there is such a thing.

In yesterday's post about the service horror story to end all service horror stories, I mentioned how I keep going back to the restaurant that treated us so poorly. It's like I'm in an abusive relationship.

Sure, the restaurant treats me bad -- but I love it. It means to do better, it really does.

You just don't understand.

Hee hee.

I ran this by a coworker, Maryann, who said she too has Restaurant/Bar Stockholm Syndrome with a spot near her house ...

She writes:

after a particularly bad experience, I won’t go back for a few months, but then they’re the only place open on a day when I want this particular sushi roll or drink or whatever, and I shamefully return. it’s like an abusive relationship: "maybe they’ll be better this time."

Why do we keep going back? Is it convenience? Is it the fact that this particular spot fills a particular void like none of the other restaurants around it?

Or is it all of the above?

I know we're not alone here.

We can't be alone.

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