Golden West Fest is this weekend

I wonder why more bars don't do this.

When Golden West Cafe server Braegen Carroll wanted to book the bands for a mini music festival at the Hampden eatery, he didn't have to look far.

Most of the Golden West staff were in one band or another.

So instead of sending out emails to every band in town and waiting for responses, Carroll asked his coworkers if they wanted to be a part of the festival. The response was overwhelming.

The festival, which started yesterday and runs through Sunday, features performances from acts such as Ed Schrader, Matrimonials, MacGregor Burns, Mickey Free and more. It's the biggest music event ever held at Golden West, Carroll said.

"I thought it was good to put us all together and make it a collective, cooperative event," he said. "Everybody that works here is doing something for it." ...

When Carroll says "everybody," he means it. Some Golden West employees aren't musically inclined. That's not stopping them from showcasing their talents. There will be a performance from a couple theater students, as well as "chemical reaction of sorts" from an aspiring astrophysicist, Carroll said.

"It's an employee talent show -- a Golden West talent show," he said. "That's how I look at it."

Admission to the the festival is a suggested donation of $8-$10 at the door. The cafe is at 1105 W. 36th St. More info here.

(Baltimore Sun archive photo)

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