Edward Kennedy memoir already a best-seller

Edward Kennedy was buried Saturday, but his impact will surely linger in the words contained in his memoir, "True Compass." The book, which will be released Sept. 14, already has become Amazon's best-selling biography. "Last Lion: The Fall and Rise of Ted Kennedy" by Peter S. Canellos was also in the Top 10 in that category.

Jonathan Karp, editor-in-chief of Twelve, which is publishing the book, said in an open letter that "Kennedy has been keeping a personal journal through nearly 50 years of his public life, beginning with John F. Kennedy’s campaign for president in 1960. Five years ago, he began an oral history project at the Miller Center at the University of Virginia, where he began to address all aspects of his life – his family, his career in the Senate, and his view of the historic events of our time."

The hardback will list for $35, but Twelve plans to issue 1,000 copies of a leather-bound, electronically signed edition that will cost $1,000, according to the New York Times. Kennedy reportedly received an $8 million advance for the book, written with Ron Powers, an author of “Flags of Our Fathers” and other biographies.

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