Does Weezer get the middle finger or the devil's horns? Depends on the song.

In today's paper, I profiled alt-rock staple Weezer, who co-headlines Sunday's Virgin Mobile FreeFest with Blink-182.

According to bassist Scott Shriner, Weezer fans are generally split into two camps: Fans of "The Blue Album" and "Pinkerton" and fans of the more recent hit single "Beverly Hills."

"I have fun watching people have a good time listening to ["Beverly Hills"] and be totally confused by something off "Pinkerton," Shriner said.

"But I'm just as happy when I see all the "Pinkerton" fans light up and the "Beverly Hills" fans scratch their heads. That's fine. I think we're going to mix it up even more."

But wait, fans' reactions to various songs can get a bit wilder than that ...

Bringing the rock to such a wide-ranging fan base can have its rocky moments, though, Shriner says. Sometimes, the audience gets split between love and hatred for certain songs.

"I can focus on the guy that's flipping me off the whole show or I can focus on the dude that's throwing metal horns and having a good time," Shriner said. "I tend to go more for the metal horns then the finger - although I'm not scared of the finger."


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