What city convenience stores have liquor licenses?

The other day, I happened to be in the snack aisle of the Rite Aid at Baltimore and Calvert streets when I noticed the beer section.

Wait a minute: The beer section?

Yes, the beer section.

That particular Rite Aid happens to have a liquor license. Though the selection isn't amazing, the Rite Aid stocks a pretty comprehensive collection of domestics and standard imports. There is also wine, and I believe, spirits.

I'm sure it's quite convenient for folks who either live in the neighborhood or are passing through on their way home from work or to The Block.

That got me thinking -- what other city convenience stores also happen to have liquor licenses? ...

According to jmgiordano, the Rite Aid at 3133 Greenmount Ave. has a decent selection -- reasonably priced, too.

How did this come to be?

jmgiordano spoke with the folks at the Greenmount Rite Aid who said long ago, the spot used to be a liquor store. When Rite Aid took over a couple decades ago, the liquor license was grandfathered in. They just can't sell booze on Sunday.

Now if I can only get the Lucky's near me to stock Clipper City.

Also, if you know of any other odd spots besides convenience stores that also happen to have liquor licenses, fill us in.

(Photo by me)

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