Cheaper restaurants and Restaurant Week


Last night my husband and I had a glass of sangria at the Tapas Teatro bar, and I got a chance to look at its Restaurant Week menu.

It convinced me that it might make sense to go to a less expensive place and try its prix fixe menu, even if you wouldn't usually pay more than $30 there.

In Tapas Teatro's case, it would be a chance to try a real dinner, where you would usually only get small plates. ...

The choice was of three appetizers, none of which would be overwhelming; steak, rockfish or paella for a main course; and flan or panna cotta for dessert. It sounded good to me.

I'm still hoping people will post mini-reviews of their Restaurant Week experiences here as a guide to others.  Especially if you have a hidden gem to recommend.

(Algerina Perna/Sun photographer)

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