'Big Brother': On Chima's ouster and the aftermath

Honestly, after all the buildup, I expected to see more drama leading up to Chima's removal from the Big Brother house for breaking the rules.

If you didn't see, she refused requests to put on her microphone, and then after her roommates brought it to her, she tossed it into the hot tub. After repeated requests to go to the Diary Room, executive producer Allison Grodner came over the loudspeaker to tell her to go to the Diary Room right then. Chima finally listened to that, and she was ushered immediately from the house.

But if her removal wasn't dramatic, the aftermath was.

Kevin lost it, I think wishing that she had listened to him when he was trying to protect her. Natalie started pontificating that it must be Michele's fault, that she drove her to that. Kevin and Lydia talked her down, kind of. "They took her HOH power away!" Natalie yelled. Lydia reminded her that it is a game and said that Chima had choices in the game, had the choice to follow the rules and chose not to. Good points, those.

Speaking of having people's HOH powers away, Michele's reign is ended, too, and there was a new HOH competition. 

At the golf-themed competition, Jordan won (after Jeff gave it to her), and Lydia, previously calm, went off the rails, calling Jordan a "ho," a "ho puppet" and other assorted nicknames, after which she claimed that what "you did" to Chima and the Jessie was wrong. Oh, please. After that, Lydia dumped out Michele's beer for no reason, while Michele taunted her about needing to wear her unitard (her "prize" from the competition).

Then there were lots of LOUD NOISES!

Once Lydia donned the Captain Unitard costume, it seemed to improve her spirits, oddly enough. At least until nominations, when Jordan put Natalie and Lydia on the block. 

Jordan interviewed that she wanted Natalie, who is actually trying to play the game, out, and Natalie interviewed that she wasn't going to give up easily.

So after all that, the episode ended in a rather typical way. What did you think about the episode?




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