A quick chat with Snoop Dogg

One of the smoothest gangsta rappers on the planet, Snoop Dogg comes to Merriweather Post Pavilion tomorrow on the Blazed and Confused Tour.

Midnight Sun and Baltimore Metromix contributor Mark Gross e-mailed Snoop some questions.

Snoop, why do you only do e-mail interviews?
Because generally reporters ask tha same questions, manage to piss me off with a smartass remark and I'm in tha studio wrappin up "Malice In Wonderland" when I'm not on tour. 

Where's your mind? Where's your money?
Example A of what I was jus talkn about. Jus jokin. U know I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind.

The Snoop Dogg iFizzle iPhone app features several of your most iconic phrases. If you could record common phrases from your every day life, which ones would be most useful for you?

Recently, Pope Benedict signed to Geffen Records. If you produced an album for the pontiff, what would his gangsta name be and what's his first single?
"Is There Heaven for a Gangsta?" - and his name would be Chuuuuch! ...

Is there anyone left that you haven't collaborated with, but still hope to?
Tha Rolling Stones

How should fans reconcile your public association with the Nation of Islam and your gangster rap lyrics that promote sex, weed and liquor?

Do you, like the Nation of Islam, believe intermarriage or race mixing should be prohibited?

Any surprises so far on the Blazed and Confused tour? Any favorite moments?
plenty of surprises fo yo ass! Each night is gettin bigger and better. This is definitely tha tour of tha summer.

If you were not touring, whose tour would you try to catch this summer?
Rock The Bells would be dope!!!

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