'So You Think You Can Dance': 100th episode

 It's a Very Special Episode of So You Think You Can Dance tonight -- the show's 100th, and it's supposed to be a pretty big party, with special performances and all kinds of fun stuff.

It starts out with a futuristic Broadway number by the Top 8 to "One" from A Chorus Line that gives me chills. The dancers start out working with mirrors, though they are quickly moved to the back of the stage. But for the rest of the routine, the mirrors make it look like the dancers have multiplied, which is a cool effect that magnifies the impact of the choreography. Way cool. Cat Deeley hits the stage and points out that Mia Michaels was the choreographer for the dance.

It's also, coincidentally, Nigel Lythgoe's birthday.

We get a montage of awesomeness from all the seasons thus far, reminding me why it's my favorite reality show.

The the results part of the program begins, with the women. Melissa is safe, and, shockingly, Kayla is in the bottom two. Janette is also in the bottom two, which means Jeanine is safe.

The 100th episode celebration continues with a reprise of the Hummingbird and the Flower routine from Wade Robson, featuring Hok and Jamie. So good. Sooooo good, and wonderful to see again.

Back to the results: Jason is in the bottom two, and Ade is safe. Brandon is in the bottom two (again, shockingly), and Evan is safe.

Another reprise: The Bench Routine from Travis and Heidi. Love!

After the solos, we get to see Ramalama, and this time Wade Robson is in it. I really hope that all of you are actually watching tonight instead of just reading this recap to see who is going home because it's so good seeing all these routines again, and there's not much for me to say except, "Oooh, that was good!"

Then it's the long-rumored and much-talked about performance by Katie Holmes, an homage to Judy Garland in which Katie is dancing and singing. She's doing this to promote the DizzyFeet Foundation, their new charity. She dances to a track of herself singing "Get Happy." I had this weird idea that it was going to be live, but I was wrong. But then after the break Nigel says that one of the best things about tonight was that Joey Luft, Judy Garland's son, was "here in the audience to witness that." Maybe he was there for the taping? I don't know, maybe I'm just confused.

Back to, oh yes, the results: Janette is out, and Kayla is safe. Man, the night after Mia Michaels told her she was her favorite dancer this season, too. But it would have been pretty nuts if Kayla had left, too. Nigel says that he really wanted Janette to win this season, and that this result has ruined the 100th episode celebration. Janette says the best part of her experience was that she realizes exactly how much she loves to dance. (Remember, she says, that she was studying finance and working at a bank.) 

On the guys' side, it's Jason who is out, leaving Brandon safe. I like Jason, and I think he did an amazing job last night, but I think it would have been the wrong result for Brandon to leave out of these two. Jason says it's been a great ride and thanks everyone.

What say you?

Photo by Mathieu Young/FOX




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