Corn, strawberries and a new winery


This morning I went to the Sunday farmers market under the viaduct for the first time this summer. That's unusual for me. And I've only been to the Waverly market on Saturday once or twice.

But the corn I got yesterday was so good, I had to have more. It didn't have that artificial-tasting, bred-in sweetness that corn can have these days -- even when it's been sitting around. This particular variety is called White Out. Remember that name. ...

Jon Parker had given me a heads up that bi-color corn was supposed to be in this week so I was planning to buy even more corn, but luckily the vendor who sells it told me it hadn't been ready to pick after all. There's a limit to the amount of corn on the cob even I can eat.

I still didn't find any tomatoes that weren't hydroponic, except some grape tomatoes. But I stopped at Reid's Orchard even though I had plenty of fruit (still eating a second box of mangoes that arrived just before we left for vacation) because the strawberries looked so beautiful.

"Isn't it late for strawberries?" I asked owner Dave Reid. He explained that these were from plants that they had put in for next year, but I guess the cool weather made ideal conditions for a crop this year. They are delicious.

Then he told me Reid's had a new winery. It opened in March, but I hadn't heard about it because I've been so bad about going to the market. I really think we ought to delegate someone to go try the wines, and I nominate Elite Elephant Lover.

I always feel a little guilty focusing in these posts on the vendors I frequent, but on the other hand, this is my day off and the Sun isn't paying for my produce. 

I tried some place new today for organic string beans. When I asked the guy behind the table to pick me out a good basket, he said, "They're all from the same field."

I joked, "Yeah, but I want the best one," and he looked at me like I was alien. OK, it was early, but I don't think I'll go back to him no matter how good the beans are. Not that he was rude, but part of the fun of the market is the interaction with the vendors. Anyway, the reason for this long-winded story was I'll probably stick with the farms I know and rely on you to tell us about your favorite ones by posting below.

(Photo of Dave Reid by me)

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