At least the Blue Hill Tavern has one good server

OK, this may be the strangest e-mail of all the 10,000 that I'm reading today. (I get a little behind when I go on vacation; and Outlook won't let me send out any e-mails until I get under the mailbox size limit.) I'm taking out the names of the server and the restaurant to protect the innocent, namely me so I won't get sued. EL

My name is [deleted], and you have referred to me in two of your articles now - from [deleted]. First off, I would like to thank you for commending my service. It is not too often we, as servers, recieive compliments - particularly of that magnitude - in this industry. Without your comments i am not sure i would have been hired at the new restaurant that i am currently working at: Blue Hill Tavern in Brewers Hill. I left [deleted] because the head cook and the owner assaulted me on the way into work one morning, leaving me with a concussion. The best part of the story is that it was about a Cobb salad two nights previous - such a triviality. Well, anyway, i mainly wanted to thank you for your recognition, as it helped me get my current job. You have a strangely powerful - if not prophetic at times! - voice in the world of Baltimore dining, and it is an honor to have been included. On another note, i encourage you to check out Blue Hill Tavern - it is absolutely beautiful, and the food is phenomenal. 

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