A chill lounge for the mature set?

Got this e-mail from Midnight Sun reader AVT:

Do you have a recommendation for a nightspot for an older couple (I'm
48 and the Mrs. is 47) who look younger than their age, but are looking for a fun night out where we aren't the oldest people in the house to add some needed spark? Not necessarily looking for marital advice, but a place where we can get a good drink, dance to what the "kids" dance to.

I stopped into Red Maple (pictured) one night, liked it, and plan to go there this weekend with my wife.  And yes, I was definitely the oldest guy in the place, even looking like I'm in my late 30s, rather than late 40s. How about the late-night lounge scene at Pazo?

I must admit, I'm kind of at a loss here, AVT ...

I've always said Baltimore doesn't have enough places to dance, and I stand by that statement.

In terms of high-end clubs and lounges, you have Mosaic in Power Plant Live and Lux night club on Calvert Street. Would you be the oldest people there? Depends. Generally, the later it gets, the younger the crowd gets.

The late night scene at Pazo isn't half bad. But I don't know how much dancing you can do there. In fact, the owners got in some trouble when patrons started dancing one night because they don't have a live entertainment license.

Anybody have some suggestions for AVT?

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