What's the best neighborhood bar in Fells Point?

We've done Canton. We've done Hampden.

But those were just warm-ups.

Now, it's really time to open Pandora's Box. What, in your humblest of opinions, is the best neighborhood bar in Fells Point? And why?

Only one bar will win.

And there are so, so many low-key bars to choose from. Fells Point has more neighborhood bars than just about any other neighborhood in Baltimore.

So what's it gonna be?

I'll tell you what bar gets my vote ...

I wracked my brain about it. And finally, I decided to go with the Cat's Eye Pub (1730 Thames St.). It's warm, inviting and has a crew of crazy regulars. But it also has some of the best local groups playing live, if roots rock/blues is your thing.

I was so close to picking Friends or Leadbetter's, but opted for the Cat's Eye in the end.

What's your pick?

(Sun photo of Lulu's Off Broadway by Gene Sweeney Jr.)

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