The Merriweather chicken statue

Here's a look at that chicken I was telling you about. It's about 15 feet tall and weighs 7,500 lbs.

It's called the Great Key West Chicken, and was made by Maryland artist Derek Arnold. 

This is one chicken you don't wanna mess with.

What does it have to do with music? Not much, really. But it certainly helps spruce up Merriweather. 

I got a peak at Merriweather's new Music Pinball Hall of Fame yesterday, which is also pretty cool ...

There are nine machines, and each one only costs a quarter to play. A quarter! It's been a while since I hit up an arcade, but I vaguely remember some pinball machines charging $1 per play.

They're vintage-looking machines, too -- Dolly Parton, Elvis, Guns 'N' Roses and the like. I didn't get the chance to play one (all the other journalists and politicos were hogging the machines when I was there) but I'm sure I will the next time I'm at the amphitheater.

I also hope those pinball machines have got spill-guards. Beer + pinball can make for a messy time.

(Sun photo by Amy Davis) 

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