'So You Think You Can Dance': Top 20 revealed

Tonight, the Top 32 on this season of So You Think You Can Dance will be trimmed to the Top 20, who will dance on the live show starting next week.

This is one of those episodes where half of it is going to be people walking down a hallway or agonizingly waiting to hear whether they've made the cut. Soon enough, though, we will know who the finalists are.

Janette: This salsa dancer had a rough couple of weeks going into Vegas. She was in a car accident and broke up with her boyfriend, but now good things are happening: She is in. (And unfortunately, they aren't putting the names on the screen, so I don't know if my spellings are right. Grr!)

Diana: Debbie Allen says they see a lot of potential in her, but she is not making the cut. She is sad, but she has had a great attitude. Nigel tells her that she is a better dancer now than at the beginning of Vegas week and that she should come back next season.

Vitolio gives us a little too much information about how his digestive system is handling the stress. We haven't seen much about him up till this point, but we get a little background on how he grew up partially in an orphanage in Haiti and he's been on his own since he was 15. Lil C says he started showing off his true character during the group dance. Nigel tells him he has to add his personality (which Nigel's heard about from the producers) onto stage. He is in the Top 20.

Then we get a batch of people getting cut. 

Kayla Rodomski, whom we met in Denver, along with her grandparents, learns from Mia Michaels that she is in the Top 20. Mia tells her that she loves male dancers because of their strength, and that she matches that strength and power.

Kupono chopped off his hair after Nigel made fun of his look at the Seattle auditions. He has a note of all the things he wants to accomplish, including making the Top 20. They give him the runaround, but he has made the cut. (He, by the way, was one of the dancers Mary criticized for being kind of "feminine.")

Then we just get a list of people who are in the finals: Paris Torres, Jeanine Mason, Ade, Karla Garcia and Jonathan. 

Brandon Bryant is the dancer whose audition caused Mary to say that she would "just die" if he didn't make the Top 20. Mia, however, "can't take you. ... It annoys the [deleted] out of me." She doesn't think he is amazing, but Debbie Allen begs to differ. She loves his power and manliness. Lil C says he isn't impressed, but Mary says she can't take this. She says he's fabulous. Nigel breaks down the votes and says this means he's in the Top 20. 

Tony Belissimo did the dance with multiple photos of Nigel (and the song "Somebody's Always Watching Me"). Waiting in the holding room, he thinks about his brother in Afghanistan. Nigel says his dance technique isn't as strong as it should be, but he is still making it to the finals. He's flabbergasted.

More yeses: Maksim Kapitannikov (who becomes Max at the end of the show), Annapolis dancer Caitlin Kinney, Melissa Sandley and Jason Glover.

Ashley Valerio is in her fourth season auditioning for the show. Mary drags it out, but she is in the Top 20.

Randi Evans learns from Mia that she has "the body of a tigress" and that she is "committed to your unitards." She takes this very well and laughs even though it sounds like she is not making it. But yes, she is through to the Top 20.

Alex Wong is in a ballet company, but he wants to explore other genres. Nigel says he is one of the strongest dancers, but he is under contract to the Miami Ballet, and his director won't let him out of it. He is very upset, but Debbie Allen and Lil C give him a pep talk. They ask him to come back as soon as he can.

Four more dancers get cut, but they don't even get their names mentioned. Bummer.

Phillip Chbeeb is the crazy pop-and-locker who had to leave last season because he had pneumonia. Adam says he grew a lot during Vegas week, and adds that he has shown a genuine overall love of dance, too. He makes it. 

At this point, there are two spots left, one for a male and one for a female.

Contemporary dancer Deanna made a mark in Miami and in Vegas (though we haven't seen much of her), and ballroom dancer Asuka did, too. Asuka is the one who makes it, though. 

That leaves brothers Ryan and Evan Kasprzak. Nigel says they are similar in style, and that Ryan has choreographed Evan. He thinks there is only room for one of them this season, and that Ryan should be proud because it was "probably your choreography that got Evan through to the Top 20."

Sorry about the inconsistency with the names. At the end, the names were finally on the screen, but only the first names. I'll get the full names updated tomorrow.

Anyhow, what do you think about these choices? I'm sad about Alex Wong. He's amazing, and I would love to see him on TV every week. Maybe next season.

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