Renee Fleming to give recital Dec. 17 at Baltimore's Lyric Opera House

Renee Fleming, the stellar soprano who made her Lyric Opera House debut a few years ago in a benefit concert for the Baltimore Opera Company, will returnfor a solo recital with piano, presented by the Lyric on Dec. 17. Ticket details have not yet been announced.

The December recital is just one more example of how the Lyric's management is determined to keep some sort of operatic activity going on in the venue since the demise of its longtime tenant, Baltimore Opera, earlier this season.  

An ad placed by the Lyric in the program for its presentation of Washington National Opera in a concert performance of Turandot on Tuesday, lists Fleming's pianist for the recital as ...

Gerald Moore. That sure gave me pause. It can't, of course, be the Gerald Moore, the legendary accompanist who died in 1987. I haven't had a chance to investigate further. Maybe someone else can enlighten me about Fleming's collaborator, who is also her pianist for several other recitals in December, according to the calendar on her Web site. What a name for any accompanist to live up to. 


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