The Bethany Beach dining scene

No one has said much about Bethany Beach this week, but when I went a couple of years ago for the beach guide, I liked it a lot.

I can't, however, remember anything about my meals there. And I can't imagine Bethany having a Restaurant Week.

So I went back and looked in the archives. Here's what I had to say about the restaurants in my beach guide story:

Here are a few highlights when you're looking to eat out in the Bethany Beach area: ...

Bethany Blues BBQ Pit (6 N. Pennsylvania Ave., 302-537-1500). Great wood-fired beach barbecue. Check out the $75 special dinner for two, barbecue with champagne! Entrees: $13-$25.

Blue Crab (210 Garfield Parkway, 302-537-4700) is Bethany's best downtown crab house.

Bluecoast Seafood Grill (1111 Coastal Highway, North Bethany, 302-539-7111). Great restaurant rebirth. (Formerly the Redfin.) Specialties include a pan-seared grouper and Delaware fish stew. Entrees: $17-$29.

Mango's (97 Garfield Parkway, 302-537-6621) offers American and Caribbean cuisine, but the real draw is that you're practically on the water. Entrees: $15-$29.95.

Royal Zephyr (27 Atlantic Ave., Ocean View, 302-541-9555) Soon to be opened, you can dine in real railroad cars, one coach and one first class for fine dining. Entrees: $12-$35.

Bethany Blues still seems to be opened. The Blue Crab doesn't have its own Web site, but I called and it's still open. Bluecoast is still there; prices have gone up. Mango Mike's is as Jimmy Buffet as ever. The Royal Zephyr did open, but the Web site hadn't been updated in over a year, which was worrisome. I called, though, and I think it's just an oversight.

Anyway, I'm hoping someone who's been more recently can give us some more up-to-date information. Are there new places? Are these still good suggestions?

(Photo of Mango's by Elizabeth Malby/Sun photographer)

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