It's official -- Eddie Vedder did not show up late night at The 8x10

Like many other Pearl Jam fans, I left The 8x10 around 1 a.m. disappointed that Eddie Vedder didn't make the rumored appearance to sit in with Jerry Hannan.

The show was over around 12:45 a.m. The house music was playing and people were streaming out of the place.

Then I read Lindsey's comment this morning:

Hey- I went to the show at the Lyric last night and it was awesome. One of my friends went to 8x10 and Eddie was there afterwards.... I'm wondering where the mix-up was? He said he saw him play a couple songs, but not many because he showed up late....
were you there last night?

I freaked out. Did I leave too early? Did Vedder show up late night to toss back a few beers and and jam with Hannan? ...

This morning, I called Brian Shupe, one of the owners of The 8x10, and asked him. No, Vedder did not show up last night, he said.

That's really a shame. Hannan's set was good and all, but a guest appearance by Vedder would have been awesome. I overheard a bunch of people talking about how The Baltimore Sun said Vedder would be there. I didn't want to correct them on the spot, but that's not entirely true. I said he "might" be there, and that it was "possible."

The show sold out, and there were people looking for tickets outside. And I saw plenty of Pearl Jam T-shirts inside. My buddy Evan was there with me, and he joked that he'd have to smuggle me out if Vedder didn't show -- to keep me safe from crazed Pearl Jam fans.

At one point, people were chanting someone's name. It sounded like "Jerry" but it could have easily been "Eddie." I'm not sure.

Sorry, everybody, for getting your hopes up. 

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