I tried (and liked) some Melon Dog beer

Last night, I decided to cap off a relaxing weekend with a couple mugs of Melon Dog beer at the Pub Dog

If you recall, this is the stuff they ordered made because I blogged about it a year ago. 

For what it was, it was great -- it had a sweet, Jolly Rancher-ish taste and went down smooth and quick. If you like Dog Pub's other fruity beers, you'll like Melon Dog too. I'm sure it will be a summertime hit.

As I walked up to the pub, a woman was hula-hooping outside.

"Free shots if you do a hula-hoop," she said ...

I wasn't in the mood for free shots (or hula-hooping), but I was tempted. On the way there, I wondered if I would have trouble getting a bar stool, but the place was almost empty at 8:45 p.m. When the hula-hooper came back inside and sat down on a stool, one of the bartenders practiced rolling the hula-hoop up the stairs. There wasn't much else for him to do.

The only other patrons (at least the only other ones I saw) were down at the end of the bar. Besides the hula-hooper, there was a guy and a gal. The guy was laying it on thick, trying to impress her with the awards his college TV station had won. Heh.

The Pub Dog's two-for $4 10-ounce mugs of microbrews can be addictive, and I had to pry myself away from the bar after only two mugs. It was Sunday night, after all.

(Photo by LGood) 

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