As per your votes, Hampden's best neighborhood bar is ...

None other than Frazier's on the Avenue (919 W. 36th St.)!

I tallied all the votes, and Holy Frijoles (908 W. 36th St. pictured) came in a close second, with Griffith's Tavern placing third.

It was a close one, gang.

I've never been to Griffith's, but I've been to Holy Frijoles and Frazier's more than a few times.

I was a little shocked to see Holy Frijoles get so many votes for being a neighborhood bar ...

Every time I've been there, the service has been terrible and the place has been packed with hipsters -- not exactly the most inviting of crowds, if you ask me.

But hey, I can't argue with the votes -- most came with good reasons why commenters liked the bar they picked.

I'll have to get to Griffith's here soon. 

And, of course, another neighborhood. Look for that next week.

Amazingly, we have very, very few recent photos of Frazier's and Holy Frijoles in our archives. That's surprising, considering how popular both of these places are)

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