The superiority of sausage over bacon

First of all, I would love to have been a fly on the wall to see John McIntyre attending the Baltimore Sun tweet-up. I would have thought the name alone would prevent him from going. But he is nothing if not a good sport.

In his blog entry about the event and other such things was a nugget of wisdom I thought I should bring to your attention. On "the superiority of bacon over sausage: with bacon, you know what you’re eating." ...

The weird thing is that even though he's totally correct, I still like (Tennessee) sausage better than bacon. And don't be fooled by the sausage sold in northern supermarkets and called Tennessee Pride or some such. Although Tennessee Pride tastes great in Tennessee.

Of course, maybe it tastes better in Tennessee because I'm on vacation.

(Photo courtesy of Tennessee Pride Web site)

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