The end of the asparagus and other horror tales


If I die before my time, it will be at 7 a.m. on a Saturday in the Waverly Market parking lot. I've got to remember to park on the street. Those early morning shoppers are crazed. Also they can't drive. There was a guy in a wheelchair sitting near the Gardener's Gourmet stand, and a woman backing out of her spot nearly hit him because she wasn't bothering to actually turn the steering wheel once she could.

What I like about the Waverly Market is that I always discover a new stand there; and then when I ask, they say, Oh, we've been here five years. ...

For instance, I never noticed Zeke's coffee having a presence there before.

The headline was just to scare you into going over there to get asparagus before noon or down to the city market tomorrow. The vendor I bought it from said it was almost the end of local asparagus.

I know I talk a lot about the Waverly Market and the Market Under the Viaduct because those are the ones I shop at. I've also mentioned the farmers markets at Cross Keys, Towson and the Whole Foods parking lot in Mount Washington.

But these days markets are springing up everywhere. If you've found others you like or know of any that should be mentioned, please post it here and tell us a little  about it, including what day it's opened.

(Photos by me)

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