Showers return after today's sunshine

This is very sweet weather. Perfect, even, with highs around 70 degrees, a nice breeze and plenty of sunshine. But like all good things, this, too will be coming to an end by Thursday, as the high pressure that delivered the sidewalk cafe weather moves east into the Atlantic and up, off the New England coast .

As the clockwise circulation around the high moves east, that will put us in a more southerly flow on the backside of the high. And that will bring warmer temperatures and more moisture.

Daytime highs will climb toward 80 degrees by Saturday. The departure of the big high will also allow a cold front to approach from the west, and once it arrives, it will stall here, placing us in the same situation that brought us so many cloudy, showery days early in the month.

Disturbances moving along the stalled front will set us up for increasing chances for showers from Thursday through Sunday - as much as 60 percent on Saturday afternoon if the forecast holds up.

Then another cold front will finally shove the whole mess out of town, and bring us drier, cooler, sunnier weather again for Sunday and Monday.

So, if you're headed to Pimlico on Saturday for the Preakness, you should bring rain gear to protect your bonnet, a hanky to dab the perspiration from your brow, and a sharp pencil to figure thundershowers and a wet track into your wagers.

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