Millar's ringing endorsement

Former O's first baseman Kevin Millar passed through town this week and told my colleague Dan Connolly that he loved Aubrey Huff's double fist pump after his May 10 home run off New York Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain.

“The best I have ever seen. … That was great, good old-fashioned fun,” said Millar, who hit a two-run single in the fourth inning on Wednesday to help Toronto take a big lead. “I was one of the proudest players in the major leaguers when I saw that because of all the times where Joba’s got him to strike out or pop up. It was nice for Huffy to get him.”

This week was Millar’s first time back at Camden Yards after three years playing here. He started two of the three games and went 2-for-7 in the series with two RBIs.

“It’s always different the first time going back to where you played. You’re used to entering from one side,” he said. “It’s nice to see all of the guys. We have good memories here – good group of guys, great city, nice stadium. It’s always fun to come back and say hi to everybody.”

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