Is it just me or...(Part Deux)

...was there absolutely nothing to gain by Brian Roberts running on the 3-1 and 3-2 pitches to Nick Markakis in the third inning? There was a runner at third base and one out with the Orioles down by four runs, so what exactly was the upside of Roberts putting himself in jeopardy and denying Aubrey Huff the opportunity to take a hack at that short right field porch?

I don't know if that's on Brian or Dave Trembley, but the Orioles have to get their running game under control. They've been wasting baserunners and undermining potential rallies all season like that and it needs to stop. The hit-and-run is a great idea once in awhile, but the Orioles run on 3-1 way too often -- and way too predictably -- and cost themselves walks because the hitter has to protect the baserunner on a borderline pitch.

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