What's beer for the Earth: Bottled or boxed wine?

In honor of Earth Day (and drinking), I thought I might pose a few environmental questions. Yesterday, the consensus seemed to be that Baltimore really didn't have many -- if any -- green bars.

I'm not surprised.

But under the green bar post, Ted said that glass is biodegradable. Heh. That's technically true. I hear it takes more than a few (hundred) years for glass to dissolve, though.

Same thing goes for plastic. 

With that in mind, here is my Earth Day question: What is better for the environment -- bottled or boxed wine? ...

Think about it. Both forms kill trees. Boxed wine, is, well, boxed. And the corks in bottled wines come from, well, the cork oak tree. Here is a potential game-changer: Not only is boxed wine boxed, but it's wrapped in that plastic skin.

It's been a while since I've had boxed wine, but I think bottles and boxes have the same amount of vino in them. Right?

So which one leaves a bigger carbon footprint? Which one kills more trees? 

Since wine can come from so many places, and the distance traveled can make a difference in the carbon footprint, let's assume we're comparing boxed and bottled wine from France. Wait, no, I hate France. Let's make it Italy.


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