Ice, ice, baby

From the fingertips of Midnight Sun guest poster Owl Meat Gravy comes the first in a series of off-kilter bar and drink observations.

You may remember Owl Meat from such blogs as Dining@Large, where he is a regular commenter and contributor. In my absence, he'll be regularly writing for Midnight Sun too. Here goes:

I have a problem, and its name is Ice. No, not Rob Van Winkle. We're cool now.

My problem is the American obsession with ice. We love technology so much that we use it fix things that aren't broken. Like beer. Someone even invented a device that will make your beer super-cold in twenty seconds.

I know several people that put ice in their beer. Light beer. Is this a Baltimore thing or some kind of mental pathology?

I don't want to get all judge-y, but drinking Coors Light from a big glass of ice seems like a hate crime ...

I'll take this one step further: I think some beer is too cold. I know that the coldest possible beer is a Holy Grail for some, but enough is enough.

I like Clipper City Loose Cannon, but it is just too cold and then they give me a chilled glass. I like the taste and when beer is too cold you can't taste it fully. I understand why you would want to drink Bud, Coors and Miller beers ice cold – to kill the taste. I think darker beers need to be served at a warmer temperature.
Then there is the issue of diluted cocktails. Why does every drink in the U.S. get served in a glass full of ice? The ice tends to dilute the drink to the point of uselessness unless you drink it fast. I think it's time to rethink ice.

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