Easter dinner at Loteria! Grill


The plan was for my brother and me to cook Easter dinner together at his Silverlake apartment, perhaps imbibing a little champagne along the way. But yesterday morning I called him and said, "Have you done the shopping yet?"

When I found out he hadn't, I suggested eating out. He loved the idea.

His choice of restaurants for Easter dinner: Loteria! (don't ask me why the exclamation mark) Grill on Hollywood Boulevard. ...

Great choice. While full dinners were available, we ended up having tacos, filled with good things like zucchini and roasted corn succotash with salsa verde and queso fresco, pork in a spicy chile morita sauce served with slices of fresh avocado, and chicken in mole poblano with sesame seeds and queso fresco.

The margaritas were sour and quite alcoholic.

For Easter dinner dessert, fried plantains (although I considered the goat's milk flan) because the waitress had forgotten Gailor's order and brought the plantains when we had finished everything else.

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