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I used to order food over the Internet. One specific food, anyway, and one you've heard me whine about before: Brownberry Bread. Guest author Bucky has opened an old wound with this Bucky's World post. EL

I just restocked my potato chip inventory with an Internet order to Mrs. Fisher’s potato chip factory in Rockford, Ill.  Mrs. Fisher’s are my favorite chips, but that’s not the only reason I order them on the ‘net. ...

At our grocery store an 11-ounce bag of, well, a name-brand chip that doesn’t last very long because I can’t eat just one, is $3.99, or about $4.19 with tax.  That’s just over 38 cents an ounce.  You can get a “family size” bag — 14 ounces — for about $5.21, or a little over 37 cents per ounce.  

By ordering chips over the Internet, I can get 8 one-pound bags of my favorite chips for $35.  That works out to less than 28 cents per ounce.  And, yes, that price includes shipping.  It is, as we like to say at the office, the 12/12th’s cost.

I know that Sandboxer PCB Rob orders nuts over the Internet.  I’m not sure if he does that because he has a favorite kind of nuts he can get only by ordering, or if they cost less.  In a previous topic, Joseph Kunigonis, alerted us that Angelina's of Maryland sells crab cakes on the 'net.   

How about the rest of y’all?  Do you ever order food over the Internet?  Do you regularly do so, and for yourself?  (I’m not talking about a Harry & David or Swiss Colony gift order at Christmastime.)  If you do, do you order because of price, quality or because the food is something special — a regional favorite, for example — you can get only by ordering?

And for those of you who do shop for food on the ‘net, share with the Sandbox some of your favorites.

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