Bill aimed at renters fails to pass

You may recall if you read this fair housing Q&A that the General Assembly was considering a bill to help tenants whose landlords get foreclosed on. HB 733 proposed that any lease would continue in force for three months after the foreclosure, unless it expired earlier. But that bill is dead, as The Daily Record reports.

The foreclosure bill that did pass was HB 640, which "allows local governments to pass ordinances requiring lenders to report foreclosure filings to local governments within five days of filing them, instead of two weeks before evicting tenants," the Daily Record says.

There's a delicate balance between protecting the rights of tenants in a foreclosure situation -- if they were paying their rent, they're innocent victims -- and the rights of lenders, who have repeatedly said they don't want to be landlords.

What do you think is the right balance?

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