'Biggest Loser': Tears, Tim Gunn and injuries

Lots of tears are shed throughout every season of The Biggest Loser, but I would be willing to bet that last night's episode might have provided the largest volume ever.

First, there was the weekly challenge: The contestants had to cross a 700-foot canyon using two wires, and at times they were as high as 10 stories in the air. Filipe got a good start, and was determined to win in honor of his cousin Sione, who went home last week, but challenge-dominator Tara came from behind. And Mike conquered a longtime fear of heights and placed in third.

The big news of the episode was that it was makeover week. The contestants headed over to Macy's to get their new look, and who was there to guide them but Tim Gunn? All the finalists found outfits for their new bodies, thinking they were going to be attending a Hollywood movie premiere. Helen cried about feeling pretty for the first time in a long time, and she wasn't the only one.

At movie premiere time, shocker! The finalists were reunited with their family members, all of whom were stunned by the appearance of their weight-loss fanatics. But the most tears were shed by Mike and Ron's family, especially Mike's little brother, Max. Max, 16, seemed totally overwhelmed by the idea that now he was going to be the only "big one" in the family since his brother and his father have lost so much weight. Everyone cried (yes, that includes me). Mike reassured him that they would help him when they got home, which on the one hand seemed like he could really use more help than that, but on the other, if the other two people if your household with big appetites start eating healthfully, that should only be positive.

That movie, by the way, was a total sham. Instead of a film, the contestants and their families got a sneak peek at footage from throughout the season, including the initial weigh-ins, which led to, you guessed it, more tears. (See a bonus scene from the event above.)

Even with all of that, the majority of the tears were saved for the end of the episode, when Laura learned that she was injured. She'd been having shooting pains in her leg for a while, and the doctors discovered that she had a serious stress fracture at a pretty bad place in her hip. It was called the most serious sports injury anyone's gotten on the show before, and she learned that if she didn't take it super-easy, she could end up needing major surgery.

So this sounded bad, but somehow to me didn't seem incredibly dire, until it was time for the weigh-in. When it was Laura's turn, Mike and Filipe had to carry her to the scale. Then it really became clear how hurt she really was. Unfortunately, this meant she hadn't been able to work out at all, and she gained 3 pounds, which put her in the bottom two with Kristin.

At deliberations, Laura begged to stay, and Tara pled her case, too, saying she didn't have support at home. Kristin defended herself very well, saying that if they kept Laura, it would be a cowardly move -- that they would be keeping her only because she wasn't a threat. Kristin added that she wasn't there to win the money, she was there to get healthy, get her life back and start a family.

Apparently, the plea worked because Laura got voted out. It looked like she got lots of medical attention from the show, so maybe the no-support-at-home thing wasn't an issue in the end.

In the "Biggest Loser Moment" footage, Laura had maintained her weight loss since leaving the ranch, despite not being able to work out very much. She'd also managed to avoid surgery by doing lots of physical therapy. So that was good. I hope for the best for her, though. She was having such a tough time on the show, and like trainer Jillian said, she was just beginning to make progress.

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