Ballpark draft beer

Went to Camden Yards on opening day, and --imagine this--drank beer. I was not alone.

 Went to my usual spot, the Maryland microbrew stand on Eutaw Street, for a 16-ounce draft. Among the four beers on draft there was a Heineken. (Which last time I looked was being brewed in Holland.) The other three were a Flying Dog, Clipper City Gold and Fordham Copperhead Ale.

I had a Copperhead. Good carmel notes, not much head, but satisfying. It measured 42 degrees on my instant -read thermometer.

The new price is $6.75, up 25 cents from last year.

Other tap brews I saw in my travels: In the BudLite Warehouse in addition to its namesake, I saw Budweiser, Stella Artois and Shock Top Wheat on tap. On the club level I saw Killian, Samuel Adams, Leinenkugel on tap. In the left field upper deck I saw some Miller on draft. Behind home plate on the ground floor, the Guinness stand had Guinness and Harp.

Did I miss any tap beers at the ballpark?

What did you sip on opening day?

What is your opinion of the state of ballpark beers?

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