'American Idol': Top 7 revealed

On tonight's American Idol, we'll learn who the Top 7 are -- and whether the show is going to apologize to Adam Lambert for officially being over before he even got to perform.

(I'm playing a little catch-up after celebrating Passover, so this won't be quite as detailed as usual. Please bear with me.)

The theme last night was "year of their birth," and Frankie Avalon comes out to sing "Venus," which is from Simon's birth year of 1959. (He of course claims to have been born in '69.)

The group song is from "the year Idol was born," 2002: "Can't Get You Out of My Head." They definitely aren't lip-syncing this one, and large swaths of it are just terrible. Allison sounds good, though.

To fill some time (they better not go late again!!), we get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of their music video for Ford, this week to Britney Spears' "Circus."

Ryan asks Adam, "for those who saw it," how he felt about getting a standing ovation from Simon Cowell last night. He says he appreciated the gesture and was honored. No one says anything about the whole running-eight-minutes-late thing.

Then, results time. Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and Anoop Desai are all asked to stand. Ryan asks the other judges, who didn't get to talk last night, what they thought about Adam's performance. Duh, they loved it. (But in more words than that.) Adam is safe. One of the others in the bottom three, and it's Anoop. Kris is safe.

After the break, Flo Rida performs "Right Round." There are dancers and confetti and album promotion. You know, the usual.

More results: Danny Gokey is safe. Matt Giraud is, too. Scott MacIntyre, however, is in the bottom three. Allison Iraheta and Lil Rounds stand up. Allison is safe; Lil is in the bottom three.

So, in case you've lost track, that's a bottom three of Anoop, Scott and Lil. I think that's a pretty fair bottom three. Simon says there is one person in particular they would "consider" saving. Which means they won't. (Just so you know.)

Kellie Pickler comes out to perform. It's a little pitchy, dawg, but her dress is cute.

One person is safe right off the bat. Ryan fakes them out, saying, "That person is Anoop, stay where you are, Lil, head to the couch." That's not nice, Ryan!

After the break, "after 34 million votes, only 30,000 separate the two of you." The person with the lowest vote total is Scott, so Anoop is safe. Scott sings for his life, redoing last night's performance without any guitar this time. He has fun, but also some really, really rough patches. Simon says two people think he should stay and two think he should go. Um, he should go. Simon says he really likes him, but they have to consider whether they need the save in a future week. Simon finally makes the decision (or at least pretends like they haven't already decided). He is out.

Paula wants to have a last word, telling him how inspiring he is.

So that wasn't a shocking cut, in my opinion. What do you think about the results?

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