Aaron Maybin checks in with Ravens

It's the stretch run for draft prospects this week. Aaron Maybin, a premier pass rusher from Penn State and Ellicott City, is busier than most. His agent says that by the time Maybin hits Seattle on Friday, the Seahawks will be his 16th visit in a cross-country tour. No workouts or visits are allowed next week.

Maybin, who starred at Mount Hebron High, is scheduled to visit the Ravens today, although there's no chance he could fall to their 26th pick. This is an exercise for future reference. Somewhere down the road -- six years down the road if the NFL kills the salary cap -- Maybin will become a free agent. This gives the Ravens a frame of reference on the guy as he was coming out.

Maybin's father Mike won't divulge Aaron's itinerary -- because teams apparently have asked him not to -- but he did give a glimpse of the travel involved. Last week, Maybin started in Fort Lauderdale (guess who?) and went to a northeast team (Bills, perhaps, or the Patriots). After a trip to the West Coast, he came back to Baltimore. His last two stops before visiting the Ravens were in the Midwest.

Most mock drafts have Maybin going in the top 15, perhaps in the top 10. Based on what he's heard, Mike Maybin thinks Aaron could go in the top 5. Because he is the best pure pass rusher in the draft, that's possible. But remember that perspective is the hardest thing for draft prospects and their families to keep at this time.

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