Update on the Orioles and "How 'Bout Dem Os"

Miss the first post about the song? Here it is. Mike Ward, one of the musicians behind the song, just send me an e-mail. It reads:

Saw your posts. Thanks so much. After I wrote you, we had a meeting with the Orioles. The production guy explained that the song being played at every game is all based on crowd reaction ...

However, we are hopeful that it will be almost every game, and the engineers at the O's were really excited about the song and had all kinds of cool ideas.

So, once the season starts we will see how well it's being received. If everyone loves it more cool things could happen. But it's on a trial period for now.

We are doing our best to promote the song. A couple stations picked up the song already. We got invited to do the Don Scott and Maty Bass Coffee With segment, and are playing opening day at the Babe Ruth Museum event, so things are looking good.

Anyway, thanks again!

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