Update on Annie McCann

The parents of 16-year-old Annie McCann, the young girl who ran away from her Virginia home on Oct. 31 and was found dead in Baltimore next to a trash bin in Perkins Homes on Nov. 2, have released a sketch of a woman seen with their daughter in Little Italy one or two days before her death.

The McCanns earlier this month launched a public campaign, complete with billboards, to find out what happened to their daughter -- parts one and two of columns can be found here, along with earlier blogs -- concerned that police had stopped their active investigation believing the death to be a suicide despite many unanswered questions. Annie died of an overdose of lidicaine from apparently drinking from a 5-ounce bottle of Bactine. She had left a note on her bed in which she said she had contemplated suicide but had changed her mind, took money, a car and jewelry and somehow made it to Baltimore.

Police have questioned a youth who told them he saw a man drive up in her car and leave it on Lombard Street. The youth then told police he and friends removed Annie's body, which they found on back seat, put it near the trash bin and took the car for a joy ride. The McCanns are pressing police, and have hired private investigators, to question this youth and his friends more closely. They also have found a clerk in a Little Italy pastry shop who remembered seeing Annie in the shop on either the afternoon of Oct. 31 or Nov. 1. The McCann's complained that city police had thwarted their attempts to hire a sketch artist, but the dispute was eventually worked out.

Today, the McCanns released this sketch and press release, in which they also complain that administrators at the school Annie attended in Fairfax County has blocked their efforts to interview her friends: Sketch 0001

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