Ravens' Flacco keeps straight-arming T.O. questions

These ESPN guys can keep asking Joe Flacco about Terrell Owens until they're blue in the face but they're going to keep getting the same answers.

So far during his tour of ESPN radio and TV shows, Flacco -- who appeared first on Mike & Mike in the Morning, then on the TV show First Take and most recently on the Colin Cowherd radio show -- has been asked several times if he'd like to see the Ravens get the recently released Owens or whether he'd mind playing with Owens or some variation on the T.O. theme.

And Flacco keeps deflecting the question by saying that Owens is obviously a great player but it isn't up to him and he occasionally tosses in that the Ravens already have terrific receivers.

But we keep learning new bits and pieces about Joe Cool. For instance:

* In the current offseason, Flacco has gone home to South Jersey where he still lives with his parents.

* Despite growing up in Philadelphia Eagles country, he was not a huge fan of the Eagles because he thought it was goofy the way his friends got so wild about the team's wins and losses. "I found myself laughing at my friends' antics after a Sunday or Monday," he said.

* And he scored a 27 on the Wonderlic test that's given to draft-eligible college players at the NFL scouting combine. The Wonderlic is generally thought of as an IQ test of sorts. The highest possible score is 50 but 27 is considered pretty good. In the Wikipedia entry on the Wonderlich, it says that SI's Paul Zimmerman reports that the average Wonderlich score for a quarterback is 24. For both offensive linemen and journalists, Wikipedia says the average score is 26. I'm not kidding, that's what it says.

But back to Flacco, plays that stuck out in his mind from his rookie season were the pass he caught from Troy Smith against Oakland and a 53-yard touchdown pass he threw to Mark Clayton against the Eagles. It's also clear that he's rightfully proud of the comeback in the second game against Cleveland when the Ravens trailed by two touchdowns. And he regrets, of course, the interception by the Steelers' Troy Polamalu that basically ended Baltimore's comeback hopes in the AFC Championship game.

Next up is an Internet chat on ESPN.com at 12:30 p.m. Flacco is on ESPNEWS at 1 p.m. He does radio with Tirico & Van Pelt at 1:25 p.m. And at 4 p.m., there's a taped interview on NFL Live.

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