State: Frederick schools can't report number of illegal immigrant kids

The Baltimore Sun's Liz Bowie reports this morning that the state school board released a legal opinion yesterday forbidding the Frederick School District from releasing a count of the number of children of illegal immigrants attending school there. At least one county commissioner, John L. Thompson, wanted such a tally and wanted to make funding for the schools next year contingent on their providing it. Federal courts have ruled that illegal immigrants' kids (some of whom are citizens because they were born here) cannot be denied public education.

"One effect of collecting information on immigration status would be to make some immigrant parents so fearful that they will not enroll their children," the opinion said.

What do you think? Should the schools be able to provide the information? (Not names of course, just statistics.) Or is it none of the county commission's business?

In addition to leaving comments below, please participate in a poll on the subject, a first for the Maryland Politics blog. If it works, we'll do this more.

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