Smoothteaze wants you to save the Senator Theatre

In my piece about last night's Senator Theatre meeting, I forgot to mention the live entertainment. The whole thing kicked off with a 30-minute performance by the Baltimore-based a capella group Smoothteaze (pictured).

Well, according to the members of Smoothteaze, Smoothteaze is Baltimore's "newest and hottest a capella doo-wop group."

Hmm ...

Lotta qualifiers there, wouldn't you say? Hee hee.

My favorite part of the meeting was near the end, when one of the members of Smoothteaze got up and said something to the effect of:

"I'm a member of the band Smoothteaze, and our Web site,, that's, our Web site gets between 1,500 and 2,000 hits a day, and we would be more than happy to put a link to the Senator Theatre's site asking for donations to help save the Senator. We'll put something on our site, that's, first thing."

The look on theater owner Tom Kiefaber's face was priceless.

 P.S. Be sure to get the URL just right. One wrong keystroke could mean NSFW.

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