Rematch: Harris versus Kratovil

In a fund-raising letter to supporters, Republican state Sen. Andy Harris says he has decided to run again for the 1st Congressional District seat he narrowly lost last year to Democrat Frank Kratovil.

“After talking with my wife, my family and my closes supporters, I’ve decided that I will in fact run for the U.S. Congress once more and am asking you for your help to make this campaign a success.”

The conservative-leaning 1st District was crafted to elect a Republican, and Kratovil knows he’ll be targeted. He’s already received attention and criticism for voting for the $787 billion federal stimulus bill in its final form (he had earlier voted against the House version).

Harris’s fund-raising letter included a Washington Times article that includes criticism of Kratovil’s vote. He said he hopes to raise $100,000 by the end of the month.


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