Ravens: What does it all mean?

While the Ravens work to get Ray Lewis back under contract this weekend, it's hard not to look back on the past season and wonder just what I was missing. The team appeared to be as tight as it has been in years, performing well above expectations and responding to new coach John Harbaugh, but on the first day of free agent activity Friday, a key offensive player (Jason Brown) and a key defensive player (Bart Scott) jumped ship and rumors were flying all over the place that Ray Lewis was harboring some deep-seated resentment toward the team.

Maybe those rumors about Ray were totally erroneous. We'll find out soon enough. But Brown and Scott are gone, taking a chunk of this team's big heart with them.

I've never believed Lewis would leave, and it looks like he won't, but if he does, this is going to be a team with more question marks than anybody ever imagined.

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