Phantom to replace Kamp

That's about all I know -- a new club called Phantom is getting ready to open at 2314 Boston St., the space formerly occupied by Kamp.

I have thought and thought about this, and figured there can be only two reasons why people keep thinking they can keep opening high-end clubs and lounges in this city:

1) They can make a killing in less than a year. This is entirely possible, considering the covers they charge and the high drink prices.

2) They have absolutely no clue how many people have tried to "Bring Miami/New York/South Beach/Los Angeles to Baltimore" and have failed miserably.

If No. 2 is the correct answer, it's a little like watching lemmings run off a cliff ...

I mean, where do they get these investors, and how do they snooker them into spending millions on renovations?

It's not impossible to run a high-end club in this city. Red Maple (930 N. Charles St.) has been there for years. While it's had a few owners, Mosaic (Power Plant Live) is still up and running three nights a week. I just think it takes good management and a sharp understanding of how club-goers in this city think.

Anybody wanna place bets on how long Phantom will last?

Also, I'd like to thank Midnight Sunner jmgiordano for the initial tip.

(Photo by me)

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