No smoking: There's kids in the car!

Our breaking news blog has a story up about Sen. Mike Lenett's bill to ban smoking in the car when kids are present, the kind of bill that causes many to scratch their heads at the prospect of a nanny state gone amok. Though it's certainly true that Annapolis appears to have a great interest this year in regulating what you do in your car (texting, talking on your cell phone, whatever it was John Leopold was up to...) it's worth mentioning that Lenett has introduced this bill twice before and has seen it get killed both times in the Senate Finance Committee. This year, he did get a member of the House to cross-file the bill, but still, the list of sponsors of this one hasn't changed much. The bill has a hearing today, but that shouldn't be taken to mean it's got a good shot. It can still get killed.

Here are a few fun facts from the legislative analysis: California and Bangor, Maine, currently prohibit smoking in the car when any minors are present. (Lenett's bill would only apply to kids younger than eight.) Arkansas and Louisiana (believe it or not) have similar laws.

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