Leopold inquiry is still alive

The Anne Arundel County Council upped the attention to the mysterious case of John Leopold and the 911 call last night when members suggested that a female county employee's car was parked near Leopold's in the mall parking lot when officers came to investigate suspected sexual activity in the back of a car that turned out to belong to the county executive. Julie Scharper and Tyeesha Dixon report on Arundel Police Chief James Teare Sr.'s appearnace before the council:

The chief said that he had not asked Leopold whether he had been alone in the car. After the meeting, Teare said, "I did not ask him because I was not conducting a criminal investigation."Middlebrooks suggested that members of the council believe that a county employee had been present with Leopold that day and that her silver-colored sport utility vehicle had been parked next to the county executive's. "We all know whose SUV it was, by the way, but we don't have to go down that road," he said.The councilman described the situation as "suspicious." "I don't buy it for one minute," he said. "It smells bad."

And now Leopold has issued another statement:

"Chief Teare's testimony speaks for itself," Leopold said in the statement. "Proper police procedure was followed, and an anonymous call was deemed unfounded. There is too much important work to be done in this county to engage any further in this political circus."

Something tells me we aren't anywhere near hearing the end of this one.

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