'Hell's Kitchen': Seth Sent Home

Chef Gordon Ramsay recruited a bunch of young football players and cheerleaders for this week's challenge on Hell's Kitchen -- breakfast. I'm pretty sure that this was a first on the show.

The 100 kids were hungry, but instead of directing all her attention to the food, Colleen started cheering with the cheerleaders. (Is she serious?) Coi messed up on pancakes, and Seth was lousy on eggs.

The women won the challenge, so the men had to clean up both kitchens and the dining room as punishment, the girls got pampered Beverly Hills style.

After the loss, Ben and Danny almost got into a fight after Ben said that Danny did a bad job during the challenge, and Ben said he could cook circles around Danny. It got really bad. They had to be separated.

Anyhoo, the women headed off to poolside spa treatment, while the men slaved away in the kitchen. The women returned refreshed and enthusiastic, and the men entered the dinner service slightly deflated.

Giovanni got yelled at for not boiling water. Coi got yelled at for pre-cooking spaghetti. Seth was yelled at for overcooking scallops. What a mess!

The men did their best to get Ramsay ticked off at them. J served the butt of the lettuce to a customer. Ramsay threw the salad plate to the ground. Ramsay yelled at Ben because he served lamb chops that were cut too thin. Then Ramsay laid into Danny for not having the garnish ready.

Meanwhile, Colleen was struggling on meats. She didn't know how to cook beef Wellington. Seth wiped his face with the same cloth he wiped a pan. (Yuck!) Coi messed up on the pasta. Ramsay had seen enough. He shut down the kitchen and declared that neither team won the competition.

It was time for the teams to deliberate. Coi and Lacey's names were mentioned for elimination. Ben, Danny, J, and Seth were all up for contention off being eliminated.

The men wound up choosing Seth and Ben for elimination. The women chose Colleen and Lacey.
Ramsay sent home Seth, and then sent Lacey to the men's team.

I can't wait to see how that turns out. I'm predicting major sparks on the men's team. Lacey is most definitely the weakest link.

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