Ravens' Flacco begins grand tour of ESPN

Joe Flacco Day at ESPN began this morning with a studio stop at the Mike & Mike radio/TV show in one of the last segments.

There was nothing too startling other than Flacco blurting out that all the meetings in pro football were "kind of a pain in the" posterior -- but he didn't say posterior. That drew guffaws from Greenberg and Golic.

Other than that, it was pretty much like every Flacco interview you've ever heard or read about. He was polite and political and, well, cool.

We also found out that he doesn't dance and feels awkward when people encourage him to loosen up in social situations and howl a little. He admitted that when he was asked early in the season about the speed of the game that he "downplayed that big time." Meaning that it was a little more dizzying than he was letting on. But, of course, that's Flacco.

He implied that he was a little intimidated by Ray Lewis at first and that when the Ravens linebacker smiled at him he wasn't sure if that was a "good thing or a bad thing."

And finally on the subject of the recently released Terrell Owens and whether the second-year QB thought the Ravens should sign him, he gave a typical Flacco response saying it wasn't up to him, that it was a front-office decision and he was happy with the receivers Baltimore has right now.

"Bottom line, it's not (up) to me, I'm going to throw to anybody," he said.

Come back later for updates. Next stop for Flacco this morning, is ESPN's First Take TV show. He's also going to be on the Colin Cowherd radio show and even do an Internet chat.

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