Changes at Tiburzi's

Midnight Sun reader Mike W. sent me this e-mail:

I was walking by the old Tiburzi's Saturday, there were guys painting the outside a light shade of green, then I saw this guy walk outside, looked like an owner.

He shook my hand and introduced himself, and said they are opening sometime the first week of April, as, and I quote "an upscale sports lounge." 

I think he said it will be called "Clutch" but I may have misunderstood him ...

I wason my way to the Canton pub crawl and had other things on my mind. He seemed nice enough, and said to check it out, which my friends and I may.

But I am a little skeptical about the chances of success for an upscale anything in Canton, let alone off the square. Anywho, just thought I'd pass this along. Maybe they will at least accept credit cards, which Tiburzi's did not in their last incarnation.

(Sun archive photo)

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