An offering to the porcelain god?

People leave some pretty weird things in bathrooms. When I see all of the dirty sayings, phone numbers and doodles written in magic marker on the stalls and walls, I often wonder: Who brings a Sharpie into the men's room in the first place?

But of all the things I've seen, this has to be the weirdest. Midnight Sunner Steve snapped this photo in the men's room at City Cafe (1001 Cathedral St.) after the Midnight Sun Shindig last week ...

Apparently, someone left a handful of pennies and a note on top the toilet.

Here is what Steve wrote in his e-mail to me:

Not sure what caused this or why someone would leave a restaurant/bar bathroom set up with this bit of a shrine.

The note was in some foreign language and seemed to have the same sentence written over and over again--like a kid writing "I will not talk in class" 100 times for punishment.

The pennies seemed like an offering. After all in this day and age who is going to leave 50 cents on the toilet?

Does anybody know what the heck is going on here?

Was it a prayer to the porcelain god for help with a bowel movement?

Is it a Wiccan thing?

Did anybody else see this? 

We need answers. Help!


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