Want to win a prize?

I totally forgot to announce or award a prize for the poster of the 9,000th comment on Midnight Sun. Now I'm not even sure who it was ...

So, to make up for such a gross transgression, I am awarding a bevy of prizes and whatnot to the person who posts the 33rd comment on this entry.

I'm calling it ... the Midnight Sun Wicked Wicked Awesome Awesome Prize Pack. You have to emphasize the italicized words. How you emphasize them is up to you. I suggest using a falsetto voice.

Notice how I posted this after the "continue reading" link. That was to make sure only die-hard Midnight Sunners are involved in this competition.

Also, I'm not going to publish any comments until the 33rd comment is submitted. That way you have no idea how far along we are, and everybody has a fair chance.



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